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Mikhail Krymov

With this, we are starting the Morpheus blog, a channel where we will publish and share our thoughts, insights, and the challenges we face while building Morpheus.

It has already been an incredible three years of a beautiful struggle of building a virtual reality platform for enterprise, that can be their new virtual home. We started from scratch, inventing and reinventing every step, every component, and every feature. We combine off-the-shelf pieces with our in-house developments, driven by our vision. Today, we believe that our product already demonstrates some strengths and validates the ideas we have been working on.  I feel that sharing our thought process and experience may be interesting for the metaverse and virtuality community as well as help and motivate us to continue our thinking in a more systematic way.

I also want to say that in this blog we commit not to publish AI-generated articles (but we will use ai-generated images). Our insights and stories are paid for with sweat and tears, so you can be confident that you will find real people sharing their real thoughts here.

What are we building?

We see Morpheus as the ultimate enterprise metaverse. This metaverse consists of private and public universes, each holding purposeful and consistent virtual worlds. These worlds are used as the company's virtual campus for training, team-building, sales, and marketing activations, as well as for creative collaboration. Morpheus provides spaces, web-based tools to manage events, invites, and access as well as a marketplace of content and services - from virtual spaces and world-building services to training modules and services of professional facilitators. Basically, we want to offer a one-stop-shop for immersive business experiences

Why are we building it?

Because we think that human connection is the most important thing in life and we know the power of the VR medium to create and elevate this connection. Being immersed in virtuality we can be present with each other and we can DO things together, create shared memories, explore, and create. So everything we do, we do to elevate the human experience and to facilitate meaningful and valuable connection.

How are we building it?

As the tech and industry are pretty early, we've developed a turnkey solution to help our clients cross the adoption gap. There are 3 keys opening 3 doors to virtuality

How? - headsets and onboarding of users

Where? - the platform itself - spaces and tools

What? - facilitated activation experiences as well as customer-specific content

By learning how to do this right, by creating a streamlined onboarding process (and successfully leading hundreds of people into virtuality), by building our proprietary metaverse from the ground up, by working with leading trainers and facilitators adapting their content and skills to VR, we've learned a lot. And now we can't wait to share our insights with you.