Morpheus AI Primer

Niko Yaremko
Niko Yaremko
Today’s landscape is being transformed with rapidly developing AI technology. Morpheus have their place on this landscape and have their roadmap aligned to get to that place in time.
This document outlines Morpheus’ vision on AI.

AI Grows Rapidly in the Digital Space

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing rapidly and already transforming the digital landscape. ChatGPT, with its plugins and numerous generative AI frameworks (Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, etc.), provides powerful and intuitively natural means for information search, analysis, and even creativity.

Currently, AI primarily operates within the digital space. However, there is no doubt that the future of AI extends beyond the screen and into the real world. Science fiction writers and trend watchers all promise us that this will happen; we just need to wait a bit longer and develop better AI.

Valuable AI Has a Purpose

Humans develop AI with a purpose. Its value lies in providing help to people and supporting them in their daily lives, including work and leisure. To achieve this effectively, AI needs to connect with humans.

Human connection is an essential component for people, and we can observe it in many areas, such as hospitality and care, employee engagement and growth, creative thinking, and collaboration. In order to truly contribute to these areas, AI needs to see and understand people as humans and present itself in a humane way.

With text communication, this is already happening. Complex interfaces of software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Blender, and the once popular search engines like Altavista, Google, and Bing are being replaced with natural conversations facilitated by ChatGPT and prompt-driven visual AI.

Today, AI communicates and connects with humans through messaging, whether it’s answering questions, prompting for images, or navigating complex analytical data.

Tomorrow, AI will connect with people in the most rich and immersive way—in reality. What form will it take? This question awaits answers from many AI tech companies.

Rapidly Developing AI Needs a Playground

AI technology is developing so quickly that hardware struggles to keep up in the real world, much like an overly smart prodigy struggling with basic real-world tasks. We need better displays, faster processors, smaller chips, and lighter yet more powerful batteries.

All of this will come within a year or two. Until then, AI needs a virtual playground to grow.

Morpheus Platform is the Virtual AI Playground

Morpheus focuses on human-human connections to address real needs in employee engagement, transformational learning and growth, and creative collaboration. Our high-fidelity metaverse is built to facilitate and enable those experiences.

Soon, AI will have access to this platform, allowing it to connect with human participants and support them by solving real tasks and addressing real needs within a virtual space.

For example, AI can serve as a scribe and facilitator for creative brainstorming and discussions. Imagine a smart whiteboard that summarizes discussions in post-its, arranges and regroups ideas while you and your colleagues play around with them.

Another example, AI can serve as a guide for employee onboarding. Picture a ‘brand ambassador’ who not only presents the company’s history but also answers questions and, most importantly, embodies the company’s values.

Moreover, AI can serve as an immersive therapist. Envision a captivating, out-of-this-world environment that prompts self-reflection and responds to your story, providing you with a rich, captivating, and interactive experience that leads to personal transformation.

These are just a few examples that illustrate the potential of human connection in AI and what AI can do for human connection.

Now, imagine all of this in the real world—with real whiteboards, real brand avatars, and real ‘transformation rooms.’ This is the future, the future we are building today.

Morpheus Platform Breathes Life into the Metaverse

Today, we are creating a platform that allows AI technology to integrate into an interactive virtual reality where humans connect. We provide an open API and an SDK for AI companies so they can use our platform to train, demonstrate, and apply their AI technology to address real human needs—starting today.

On the platform, third-party AI providers will be able to embed their AI into everything that exists within it: avatars, worlds, and objects.

There is always a conversation about making things ‘smarter.’ However, what we need is not just smart things; we need things that feel ‘alive.’ We, as humans, connect with things that possess an anima, a spirit that lives inside them.

Thus, each element on our platform can be given a ‘spirit’ that drives its interactive behavior, provides autonomous intent and memory, and personalizes the experience for context—everything that makes things come alive.

After all, what is an AI-powered smart thing if not a ‘smart ghost’ inside an empty shell of an ordinary thing?

In addition to embedding AI spirits, the platform allows third-party developers to build complex inter-AI interactions since these AIs will operate in a shared and consistent world. This makes Morpheus platform a true playground for the complex AI ecosystem that is growing right before our amazed eyes.

Grow AI Together with Morpheus

Before AI can run things in the real world to come, it needs to take baby steps in the existing virtual world. This virtual world is Morpheus.

If you see the future of AI similar to how we see it, let’s connect and work together to make it reality.

Niko Yaremko

VP of Product